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Norwest Cooling takes pride in manufacturing radiators and cooling systems for all applications.

We also have an extensive network of suppliers to ensure we’re able to find the product that will work best for you at the most competitive price. In addition to the quality products we manufacture, we have sourced suppliers to offer a wider range of solutions to meet your needs.


Our specialty is designing custom liquid-to-air heat exchanger cooling packages.  We have a number of models already designed.  They can be customized for any application.  We’re also constantly pushing forward with new designs.  Contact us to get started on meeting your cooling needs.

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Heat Exchangers

We custom design and build heat exchangers for many applications.  We’re confident that we’ll have a product that will meet your needs.

Charge Air Coolers

Norwest is able to customize air-to-air heat exchanger cooling packages for all applications.  Also stocked are a number of standard charge air cooler models.

Oil Coolers

We are a distributor and re-seller for:

Thermal Dynamics International

Manufacturer of a full line of transmission, power steering, fuel and engine oil coolers for all on-highway, off-highway and construction equipment vehicles. Also providing applications for all fluid power needs.


Engineering, manufacturing and supplying performance oil and transmission coolers, and developing products with the highest quality, durability and coverage.


We carry and supply a range of intercoolers for many applications.  Contact us to find the best product for your application.

Heater Cores

Having multiple suppliers is what allows us to supply heater cores at competitive pricing and ensure customers are getting the right product to suit their needs.

Fuel Tanks

We have an extensive network of suppliers which allows us to provide competitive pricing on new fuel tanks.  Repair of existing fuel tanks is also offered.


Norwest Cooling Systems is proud to offer brand new fans for custom requirements. We proudly distribute the Multi-Wing Fan line. We able to offer the most extensive range of impellers and fans in the world, made to exacting standards, with the finest quality materials. Multi-Wing impellers and fans will solve virtually any air moving challenge, however tough.

Electric Motors

Norwest is able to supply multiple brands of electric motors. We work with all sizes, ratings, rpm, voltages and varying frequency.

Aluminum, welding & repair

Aluminum is very common in cooling systems and so we’ve become proficient in TIG welding and aluminum brazing.  Many parts can be repaired to save a lot of expense rather than full replacement.


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